SPIDER Spray-In Fiberglass Insulation

Although it’s usually hidden behind your walls and ceilings, choosing the right insulation for your home is a very important decision.  Once you select your home insulation and have it installed, it is generally with you for the life of your home.  Think about it!  Kitchen cabinets, flooring, furniture, even windows and doors, all come and go.  Your insulation decision is pretty much permanent.

Investing time and money in choosing the right insulation now will affect your home in many ways.  It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It keeps outside noise to a minimum and improves your indoor air quality.  It works hand-in-glove with your new heating system, ensuring that you maximize your energy efficiency and keeps your monthly heating bills to a minimum.
Twin City Contracting has an excellent reputation for performing quality installation, with a range of products and services available.  Our top selling system, Spider Spray Fiberglass, has been chosen by hundreds of customers in the local area.

Spider Spray-in Fiberglass, manufactured by Johns Manville Inc, has been trusted by builders in Canada and the USA for over 10 years.  Spider spray-in fiberglass uses air pressure and non-toxic adhesive to blow sticky fiberglass into a wall cavity.  It adheres to the cavity, as well as to itself, to form a custom fitted block of insulation that contains no gaps, no seams, and it is guaranteed not to settle in the wall.  The finished product is a custom-fitted fiberglass block for every outside wall in your home, and it offers superior R-Value over traditional batt insulation.  Higher R-Value means less heat transfer, which means your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Choosing Spider means your new home will be more comfortable than your existing home, and it will cost less to operate as well!

Aside from making you comfortable and saving you money, choosing Spider can improve the health of your home.  Traditional fiberglass batts (and some spray foams) have chemicals that break down over time and release small amounts of toxic gas into your air.  Spider uses a non-toxic water-based adhesive and is guaranteed to offer improved interior air quality for the entire life of your home.

Since it contains no gaps, cracks, or seams, and has about triple the density of a fiberglass batt, Spider is great at sound control too.  Installed in your outside walls it keeps street and neighborhood noise to a minimum.  Installed in interior partitions, Spider offers excellent sound proofing for playrooms, entertainment rooms, washrooms, bedrooms, or any other place where reducing sound transmission is important.

Twin City Contracting is proud to have been selected as the exclusive installer of Spider insulation in Newfoundland.  Please visit our gallery to view some of the beautiful new homes  and commercial buildings our crew has insulated with Spider Spray-In Fiberglass.  We have hundreds of happy families and business owners that have chosen our services, so please, we encourage you to ask us for references.

Additional detailed information can be found on the JM website , Green Building Advisor  or please contact us directly at (709) 691-6605.

We’d be happy to offer a free quotation, an on-site demonstration at your location, or arrange a site visit for you and your builder.  We’re confident that the more you know about our company and Spider insulation, the more you’ll agree that it is simply the best solution for your energy needs.