Fiberglass Batts

Although spray and blown-in insulation are becoming increasingly popular among energy conscious home owners, fiberglass batts are still common in new home construction. “Batts” are blankets of fiberglass insulation, typically 4′ long with widths of either 15″ or 23″, this allows the batt insulation to fit snugly in place when framing is 16″ or 24″ on center.

R-Values for batt insulation, the measure of resistance to heat flow, generally varies from R12, R20, R31, or R40.  Higher R-Values mean thicker batts, for example a 2×4 wall would be insulated with an R12 batt, while R20 would be used in a 2×6 wall.

Fibreglass batt insulation can also be used in attic areas. Currently our local Building Code demands a bare minimum of R40 in all attic spaces.  Most homeowners are opting to upgrade this to R-50, as the upgrade charges are generally small.

Fiberglass batt insulation also has acoustical properties. It is often used to help with soundproofing between interior walls and floor/ceiling assemblies.

If you have decided to use fiberglass batts for your new home, the next important decision to make is which installer to select.  Fiberglass batts must be carefully cut and fitted into each cavity to ensure they are not compressed (not even a little bit!!)  or that there are no air pockets or gaps between them.  Improper installation can lead to a wide range of problems (cold spots, condensation, mould, reduced R-value), many of which will not be evident until you have been living in your home for several months.  Fiberglass batt insulation, properly installed by Twin City Contracting, can help you save money in energy costs and keep your home warm, dry, and comfortable.

We’re very proud of the quality of our workmanship.  Please visit our image gallery for pictures of some finished fiberglass batt insulation projects, then contact us for a free quote.  As always, we encourage you to ask us for references, or ask your local building inspector what they may think of the quality of our work.